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Heating and Cooling Systems

Your vehicle must be able to properly maintain heat and cooling to offer a comfortable ride. A proper comprehensive coolant system evaluation is the best way to ensure you are comfortable in your car.


Car Overheating Problems?

Has your vehicle been overheating? When a vehicle overheats, it can seize an engine and stop the vehicle from working. A common sign that the engine has a problem is when you identify coolant underneath the car. Bring your vehicle in for an inspection right away if you identify an antifreeze leak.

Failure to act upon a problem with an overheating engine will lead to blown head gaskets and other expensive car repairs. Count on the auto mechanics at Ray’s Muffler in Bountiful to keep your vehicle working properly.

Engine Cooling & Radiators

A vehicle needs to correctly circulate antifreeze and coolant through the engine to dissipate heat away from the engine. If the system is not working correctly, high temperatures will be reached and the engine can shut down. There are five elements of an effective cooling system:

  • Radiator — The radiator is responsible for the coolant flowing through tubes. There are cooling fins that surround the radiator and release coolant when the air passes through the cooling fins.
  • Radiator cap — The cap must be placed over the filling hole to maintain correct pressure of the coolant system.
  • Radiator hoses — The coolant goes through various hoses that are capable of handling high amounts of heat.
  • Thermostat — The thermostat is designed to maintain the proper temperature of a vehicle.
  • Water pump — The water pump moves the coolant through the entire system and moves the coolant into the engine block.

Caring For a Radiator

Proper maintenance of a radiator is vital to reducing problems with overheating. Adhere to the radiator flush intervals required for the vehicle to maintain correct working condition. Bring your vehicle in for a radiator flush to protect your vehicle from long-term damage.


Limit A/C Strain

To keep your car from overheating in the summer, reduce the strain you place on the car by running the air conditioner too frequently. Your engine will work harder when the A/C is on.


Radiator Fluid

Maintain correct fluid levels to ensure your car has plenty of radiator fluid to maintain the correct temperature. Look for the fill line and add fluid when the vehicle is cold to the appropriate line. If you check when the car is hot, the line will change position. Bring your car into our Bountiful repair shop and we will top off all your fluid levels to ensure your car remains at the appropriate temperature level.