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Timing Belt Replacement in Bountiful, UT

Timing belts are installed on selected engines of over 35 makes of vehicles. Since it is a belt, it needs to be changed regularly, before they break and cause major engine damage to the components they connect with and operate with.

Whatever engine work you need, rest assured that our mechanics have the experience to get them back in perfect working condition. All the parts we use meet and exceed manufacturers specifications.

What is a Timing Belt?

The timing belt is the ribbed belt that is placed in the engine to keep the crank and camshaft timed correctly. The timing belt is vital to ensure the top half of the engine in sync with the bottom half of your engine.

When Should I Change the Timing Belt?

Bring your vehicle in for a timing belt replacement after 90,000 miles, or 5 years of use. Manufacturers have different schedules and requirements for timing belt replacement. Our staff will ensure the right timing belt is used to keep your vehicle running properly.

Timing Belt Service

  • Replace Timing Belt (s)
  • Check Bearings and Seals: Service and/or Replace as needed
  • Re-Set Engine Timing
  • Warranties on all Timing Belt Replacements

Timing Belts & Water Pumps

  • Many timing belts operate your water pump.
  • Timing belts and water pumps often have a similar life span.
  • Save on potential double labor costs by replacing your water pump and timing belt at the same time.
  • We will help you determine the best option for you.

Bring your car in for a timing belt replacement

A well-maintained engine is essential for your safety, as well as the safety of others. Our expert mechanics will service your engine, complete with a warranty to give you peace of mind while driving.

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