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Multi-Point Inspection & Car Diagnostics Services

When the transmission system on your vehicle gives you problems, it can completely ruin your vehicle. Fixing the transmission right is vital to keeping your car running. At Ray’s Muffler, we focus on diagnosing the problem right and we perform a multi-point inspection service on every vehicle before we start working on transmission repair.

Our team has the technology and expertise to identify the root of your transmission problems to repair what needs to be fixed. During a road test, we will check for a variety of issues or complaints that you have been dealing with including:

  • Upshift Timing
  • Upshift Quality
  • Downshift Timing
  • Downshift Quality
  • Passing Gear
  • TCC Engagement
  • Noises
  • Vibrations
  • Park Hold
  • 4×4 Performance

Our technicians will diagnose different transmission problems that are causing you distress. Thanks to our rigorous training program, our technicians are capable of handling transmission problems in a wide variety of cars of all makes and models.


Computer and Internal Car Diagnostics

We use computer and internal diagnostics to check for problems with your vehicle to ensure we fix only what needs to be fixed. Transmission services start with the computer system of the vehicle, which makes it easier for us to identify the problems without needing to make repairs that are unnecessary like other transmission shops do.