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Bountiful Oil Changes

The engine is the most expensive part of any vehicle, so preserving it is fundamental. And the most important part of preserving the engine is changing oil, which must be performed on schedule, using high-quality oil of the proper viscosity.┬áTo avoid engine – killing sludge buildup, you must pick the right oil change schedule.

Caring for your Vehicle

Using the right oil and changing it on time can make a difference in the performance of your vehicle. With more car owners holding onto their vehicles for 10 years or more, scheduling proper oil changes is one of the best ways to prevent serious problems. Changing the oil and filter regularly is one of the simplest ways to expand the life of your vehicle.

How Oil Impacts Your Vehicle

Oil is one of the most important things that helps your vehicle run properly. Oil helps to reduce friction, provides lubrication, reduces wear, and creates a seal between the pistons. Oil assists in cooling engine parts and helps to clean the vehicle by reducing the buildup of toxins that cause problems with the engine. Proper oil changes help the entire engine run smoothly, and will help the vehicle to run quietly.

Normal or Severe driving?

  • Begin by reviewing your owner’s manual
  • Most manuals include two schedules – Normal and Severe
  • Highway driving is easy on cars (Considered “Normal”)
  • Short trips and traffic are extremely hard on cars (this is “Severe” believe it or not!)
  • City Driving – stop and go driving, is severe driving

What else you should know

  • What is right for your vehicle and your driving habits?
  • If in doubt, use the severe service schedule

We will suggest motor oil types that will fit:

  • Your specific make and model car
  • Your driving habits
  • Your car manufacturer’s specifications

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Oil Change Bountiful Utah Ray's Muffler Service
Ray's Muffler Service Bountiful Utah Oil Change