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Engine Fluid Levels

You need to change more than just your oil to keep your car operating smoothly and safely. Transmission fluid, anti-freeze coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid and differential gear oil are all engine fluids that require scheduled changes. Let us help you determine the right time to replace these fluids for your car or truck.

Transmission Fluid, Anti-Freeze, Brake Fluid, Power Steering Fluid. Regular replacement of these these fluids extends the life of your engine.

Scheduled Fluid Changes

Here are suggested intervals (Based upon a review of many owner’s manuals) for changing these engine fluids:

  • ANTI-FREEZE: 60 – 100,000 miles
  • TRANSMISSION: 30 – 60,000 miles
  • BRAKE: Check or replace during brake pad or shoe replacement
  • POWER STEERING: 100,000 miles
  • DIFFERENTIAL: 90 – 100,000 miles

What else you should know

  • Severe driving (lots of driving, stop and go driving, heavy traffic driving) shortens the life of your engine fluids.
  • We will suggest optimum times to replace your transmission fluid, radiator coolant (anti-freeze), brake fluid, differential fluid, and power steering fluid for your car or truck.
  • Your engine fluids are the life of your vehicle – like the blood in your body.
  • Replacing old anti-freeze and transmission fluid will extend the life of your engine.

Schedule your vital engine fluid changes with us today!

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