Ray's Muffler Service Bountiful UT Steering Repair


Utah Steering and Suspension Services

The steering and suspension system will help you stay in control when you are driving your vehicle. Ray’s Muffler provides quality, affordable auto repair services and suspension repair in Utah. The steering and suspension system bears the weight of your vehicle and assist in providing a safe, smooth ride.


Maintaining Steering and Suspension

Why do you need to maintain your steering and suspension system? Maintaining your system will prevent significant repairs in the future. If you feel that your ride is no longer smooth, call us immediately. We will assess your vehicle and will fix the problem quickly. Extended problems with steering and suspension will cause safety concerns in the future.


Steering and Suspension Repair Services in Bountiful

How do you know when there is a problem with your suspension and steering system? Here are a few that you need to identify:

  • The vehicle pulls to the side
  • Steering is difficult to turn
  • Issues driving over dips and uneven roadways
  • The vehicle bounces for a long time after driving over a bump
  • The tires wander
  • The steering feels like it is slipping


Steering and Suspension Inspections

To ensure your steering and suspension system is working correctly, we will check all your fluid levels and check the tightness of the nuts and bolts. The tires will be checked to ensure the tires are not uneven or wearing strangely. We will identify all the problems with your steering and suspension system to make sure the wheels are balanced and the problems you are having are not related to the tires.