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Let Ray’s Muffler Service Replace Belts and Hoses

We inspect your belts, serpentine belts and radiator hoses at no charge, as part of our Oil Change Service. We help protect you from unexpected breakdowns or engine failures by checking the belts and making you aware of when a belt is looking worn and needs replacement now or in the near future.

Serpentine belts and radiator hoses will dry out and crack as they become older. The belts start to lose their ability to expand and contract, causing the belt to crack. The timing belts have teeth that help it stay in place. Over time, the teeth become worn out, and the belt can slip. When a belt becomes loose, it can cause the entire engine to stop working. At Ray’s Muffler, we work hard to prevent serious issues like this from occurring, which is why we always inspect the hoses and belts every time you bring your vehicle in for an oil change.

Avoid Breakdowns With Our Inspection Service

Your cooling system is protected against overheating with strong serpentine belts and radiator hoses performing at full strength. In addition to car belts and hose replacement, we offer additional care maintenance services to help your vehicle run better. Fluid flushes, filter replacement, tire tread depth checks, and brake inspections are just a few of our preventative maintenance services to prevent serious car problems.


Serpentine Belts, V-Belts:

  • Your vehicle’s serpentine belt operates key engine components like your water pump, alternator, and air conditioning compressor.
  • Sometime around 60,000 miles or more since new, the serpentine belts should be changed before they get old, or crack and break unexpectedly.
  • Serpentine belts generally give enough visual warning of possible failure, by displaying cracks, perhaps even losing one or more ribs (grooves), while continuing to function normally.
  • Engine V-belts (on older vehicles) also should be replaced regularly, before cracking and breaking.
  • We inspect your belts as part of our regular oil change service and inspection.
  • Let us inspect and/or replace your belts and serpentine belts as needed.

Radiator Hoses

  • Hoses for your cooling system and radiator help keep your engine from overheating by carrying the anti-freeze or coolant throughout the engine components.
  • Over time, heat and age can weaken the rubber and cause tiny cracks or holes in the radiator or cooling hose construction.

These leaks can ultimately cause major problems for your vehicle.

  • Compared to fixing an overheated engine, radiator hoses are far less expensive to replace.
  • Let us pressure check your cooling system for leaks in the hoses.
  • For cracked or leaking hoses, we remove and replace the faulty radiator hoses, and pressure check your other hoses.
  • We fill your radiator with the proper mixture of anti-freeze or coolant.
  • We bleed or drain the cooling system, and re-check for leaks.

We check your belts and hoses at no charge with our oil change service. Save money with our coupons!

Serpentine belts generally give enough visual warning of impending failure by displaying cracks. You will get peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in safe condition.

Trust us for all your auto repair needs, too.

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