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Transmission Repairs

Ray’s Muffler Service is one of the most trusted names for transmission repairs in Bountiful, UT, and surrounding areas. Our family-owned and operated business has been providing the best transmission repair services for over 45 years. We know transmissions and when it is time to service your vehicle, we will let you know in advance so you can schedule a time that will work well for you.


Reseal Service

Some vehicles have a simple problem that impacts the automatic transmission. It can cause your transmission system to leak transmission fluid, which will need repair work in order to reseal the transmission. With a reseal service from Ray’s Muffler, your transmission will be removed and fixed, reinstalled and filled with fresh, clean transmission fluid. Your vehicle is also road tested to ensure that your vehicle is working correctly after receiving the service.


Transmission Service

We provide transmission rebuild service to keep your vehicle working correctly, and to prevent future repairs that seize an engine. Luxury or economy, foreign or domestic, we know how to fix your transmission!


Clutch Service

Do you have a manual transmission? We have experience handling manual transmissions and will be able to help.

Call Ray’s Muffler today at 801-292-4731 for all of your transmission repair needs.