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Top Exhaust Manifold and Muffler Systems

Fixing muffler problems the first time, with an auto-repair shop you can trust, are high on your list of vehicle service priorities. That is why we deliver muffler and exhaust system repairs and service for your car or truck efficiently.

Every aspect of your muffler and exhaust system will be explained by our knowledgeable mechanics. We will give you our honest opinion in regards to immediate repairs, parts your car needs, and what your options are.

Failed Emissions Test?

If your vehicle failed it’s emission test, we can help! Every exhaust system is designed to help reduce the amount of emissions that are entered into the atmosphere. When a muffler functions correctly, the exhaust system sounds better and reduces the amount of harmful gas that is emitted into the air.

Our technicians work on the entire exhaust manifold system to ensure the car is running smoother, quieter, and cleaner. When the exhaust and muffler are not functioning properly, they can end up impacting your gas mileage and even the air you breathe.

We provide a full range of exhaust manifold system services. Ray’s Muffler is your source for the best exhaust systems in Utah! Call 801-292-4731 to schedule an appointment today.

Services Available

  • FlowMaster
  • MagnaFlow
  • K & N Intake system
  • Mufflers
  • Exhaust Pipes, Tail Pipes
  • Catalytic Converters
  • Exhaust Manifolds
  • Exhaust System Sensors: EGR Sensors, EGR Valves

Never be fooled by “cheaper” catalytic converters

Since 2000, the EPA has required auto manufacturers to follow strict emission requirements. Sensors in the exhaust and fuel systems measure unburned gasoline for polluting quantities. Sensors detect minute changes in the air / fuel / exhaust mixture, and set off your “Check Engine” light when levels exceed these emission requirements.

Catalytic converters that do not meet these strict EPA requirements are sold on the market at cheaper prices. However, these “cheaper” catalytic converters can cause your “Check Engine” light to be set again, as exhaust levels will still exceed limits.

Outstanding Auto Repair Service in Bountiful

Expect us to provide you with outstanding customer service and exceptional workmanship. Call on our trusted professionals for any need, including brake replacements and A / C repairs.

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